Broad Bean Plug Plants

Broad Bean Plug Plants

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Broad bean plants produce heavy crops with long pods filled with sweet broad beans.



12 x Broad bean plants grown in our nursery and hardened off before dispatch. 

Our best selling broad bean is now available as a plug plant no need to worry about pests taking away the seed you just need to put the plug in the ground and protect from slugs it really is that simple. 

Aquadulce claudia is filled with sweet tender beans, this plant produces a heavy crop. Broad beans are an excellent source of lean protein and a high concentration of thiamine, vitamin K, vitamin B-6, potassium, copper, selenium, zing and magnesium not to mention they contain no saturated fat or cholesterol this makes broad beans the ideal crop to be growing to maintain a healthy balanced diet. 

Best enjoyed podded you can eat them when young and tender, best enjoyed boiled in water or if your like our household part of a mixed veg curry! 

Ideally planted between November and February you can enjoy a harvest from Spring to Early Summer. Keep weed free and stake once they reach over 12 inches in hight once the pods start to swell harvest to encourange new growth or enjoy as young tender pods. Plant 15cm / 6inches apart.

Please note broad bean plants maybe replaced with Sutton Dwarf, Robin Hood or Witkiem Manita depending on stock levels and production.

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