French Beans

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6 x French Bean Plug plants. Dwarf of Climbing.



French beans are a great crop to grow the Dwarf varaityes can be grown in a pot making it perfect for small space gardening. Climbing beans require suppport much like runner beans. 6 Plug plants provided a choice of the following:

Sprite - Dwarf

The French bean is a must for anyone growing their own vegetables. Not only are they super easy to grow and packed with goodness (particularly protein and vitamins A and C), they also taste great, store well, and take up very little space

Amethyst - Dwarf

One of the tastiest of the purple French beans, this variety is beautiful enough for a flower garden, yet delicious in the kitchen. Is a PURPLE french bean!

Orinoco - Dwarf

A high-yielding, beautifully golden dwarf French bean with great disease resistance. Great in the allotment and in container gardens alike. This is GOLDEN YELLOW.

Barlotto Lingua Di Fuoco - Climbing

Sometimes called ‘Fire-Tongue’ for its red mottling, the Barlotto Lingua di Fuoco French bean makes a great-tasting, colourful addition to any garden. Good for eating fresh or as a “pod bean” (and also as an ornamental!), these beans will add a bit of splash to both your garden and your palate.

Cobra - Climbing

A heavy, reliable cropper with gorgeous violet flowers and sweet, stringless beans.


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