Sweet Pepper Plug Plants

Sweet Pepper Plug Plants

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Sweet Pepper plug plants, grown in our own nursery. Plug plants are sold as a single plug plant. Delivery starts April - May.



Our sweet pepper plants provide large tasty sweet pepper with a thick wall flesh that provides a sharp crunch on each and every bite. The sweet peppers are ready to harvest from July to October depending on the variety chosen. Each plug plant is posted with a biodegradable plant pot - that looks a bit like a tea bag, this unique plant pot allows you to transplant your sweet pepper directly to a pot without the need to disturb the plant.

On delivery, we recommend giving the plan a light watering, just keep the soil moist. Transplant to a larger pot and stake once your plant has grown an additional 3-5cm transplant to a larger pot for the last time and provide plenty of support.

Height 60cm (24inches) Spacing 45cm (18inches) - although we recommend being grown directly in a pot rather than the ground.

Long Yellow Ringo Plug Plant

A high-yielding Italian favourite, this variety has long, tapered yellow fruit with a delightfully sweet flavour. Great for stuffing. This is also our favourite pepper to grow here at Growseed! In recent years we have been harvesting this pepper as late as mid-November!  A long pepper with thick walls.

Long Red Marconi Plug Plant

A slender, elegant pepper with a sweet, mild flavour. Excellent raw, stir-fried or roasted. Another long pepper can be harvest early when green (or under-ripe) however we recommend waiting until this sweet pepper has turned red to enjoy the full flavour.

Bell Pepper Plug Plant

Depending on our crop focus for the year this will be either the Californian Wonder or D'asti Giallo a deep yellow golden bell pepper. Perfect for snacking, stuffing or frying the bell pepper can be used for just about anything!

Lunch Box Pepper Plug Plant

Pot luck on the colour you will receive. This plant produces small snack size peppers normally eaten in 1 bite or two!

Please note plug plants are sold as a single item.


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