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The Growseed Broccoli Planting Program streamlines succession planting, removing the uncertainty and enabling proactive planning to maximize your harvest of high-quality, standard-heading (Calabrese) broccoli throughout the varying growing seasons.

Identify the ideal standard heading broccoli varieties to plant in specific seasonal slots by analyzing the sowing and harvesting periods outlined in the table below.

Following the below table allows for planting to be done through the growing year to maximize production and returns from your allotment or garden. Pick varieties that overlap the seasonal changes and allow you to grow and produce calabrese or headed broccoli all year round.

Days to maturity is dependant on the exact growing conditions, your location in the UK as well as light levels during the autumn and winter months.

Season Broccoli Varieties Sowing Period Harvesting Period Cold Tolerance Heat Tolerance Days to Maturity
Spring Green Magic F1, Samson F1, Kimono F1 Late winter to early spring (January to March) Late spring to early summer (May to June) Moderate Moderate 70-85 days
Summer Marathon F1 Late spring to early summer (April to May) Mid-summer to early autumn (June to September) Low Moderate 85-100 days
Autumn Iron Man F1, Steel F1, Kabuki F1 Early summer to mid-summer (June to July) Late summer to autumn (August to October) High Moderate 90-110 days
Winter Purple Sprouting, Romanesco Late summer to early autumn (July to August) Late autumn to winter (October to December) High Low 120-150 days