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What are organic vegetable seeds?

Organic seed is produced by organic gardening/farming methods. Organic seeds are produced using the same methods that produce organic food, in order for seeds to be certified or sold as organic they must be produced by a certified organic operation. 

Our Growseed vegetable seed range consists of both organic and non-organic seeds. 

Organic seeds are produced from plants grown to recognized organic standards. Each producer is carefully vetted by an external body and must follow strict guidelines in producing seed and crops. No chemicals are used before, during or after harvest. Some varieties of seed are coated in a white coating to aid against the soil or compost. This coating is organically certified and leaves no harmful residue and complies to all organic farming standards.

Why grow organic?

Growing organically isn't a case of throwing away the chemicals or pesticide sprays. It can be more challenging and satisfying to use natural ways to grow healthy pest/chemical free food. Organic gardening promotes a healthy lifestyle, it's sustainable for the environment. It involves studying and understanding the soil feeding and caring for the soil structure to obtain the best growing medium possible, improving what you have rather than adding chemicals and treatments to it.

None of our organic vegetable seeds are genetically modified.

Where to buy organic vegetable seeds

Unfortunately, Growseed is not yet rated organic. We do follow strict organic growing standards no pests or chemicals are used. All of our organic seed is sourced from credible organic growers and undergoes our strict growing and germination testing to ensure you the very best seed possible. Our full organic vegetable seed range can be viewed here.

Organic vegetable seeds online

All of our seeds can be purchased online. At this time we do not offer a print catalog the entire range can be accessed online. 

Cheap organic vegetable seeds

Organic vegetable seeds from 99p. Making us one of the cheapest organic vegetable seed suppliers in the UK. Despite the low price all of our seeds are of the highest quality. 

Organic Asian vegetable seeds

Not only do we offer a full range of common seeds such as carrots, lettuce, peppers and tomatoes but we have a specific range of Asian organic vegetable seeds these include:

Oriental Corn Salad Mix - All year round growing of a high-quality green mix. 

Oriental Mizuna Salad Mix - All year round growing of tender green narrow leaves on a white stalk.

Chinese Cabbage - Mature in as little as 50 days produces dark green cylindrical heads Kaboko F1.

Pak Choi - Very broad round leaves on a broad white steam Pak Choi Rosett 'Tatsoi'

Mustard - Perfect use as baby leaf greens so ready in 2-3 weeks best grown during the colder times of the year Sefiron Mustard.

Free organic vegetable seeds

Schools can request vegetable seeds for free as part of our seeds for schools program. As part of that program schools if they wish are entitled to request free organic vegetable seeds.

Free Shipping on Organic Vegetable Seeds

All vegetable seeds organic or not, plug plants and bulbs have free shipping when you spend £10 or more online.