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Here at Growseed we offer the highest quality vegetable seeds found online today. Our entire stock is grown, enjoyed and eaten by us so you can be assured you are buying a quality product.

All of our fruit, herb and vegetable seeds are chosen to meet our three top requirements:


At the end of the day we grow our own food because it’s better for us, cheaper we can trust the source it’s come from and have control over the quality and what goes into producing that crop.

We have sampled more onions, cauliflower, cabbages, spinach, peppers, tomatoes and lettuce than we care to admit (and that list goes on to cover every vegetable we offer!) what we have on offer is what we think offers the best taste compared to all other varieties on the market.


We regularly test our seed for germination to make sure it meets our highest of standards, not only under lab conditions but we sow 1000s of seeds per month just like you would at home, the allotment or smallholding. We want to make sure our seed performs just as it would for you.

Although the growing medium may change the conditions depending on where you live, we try to do everything as close as we can to get a ‘real world’ test rather than that performed under the perfect conditions.

If the seed fails to germinate then we do not want to waste time stocking it, or your time trying to grow it. We understand how short the UK growing season is!

Crop Yield

It’s important when growing in a small space or open field you get the very best out of your crop. We don’t want to spend 120+ days growing sprouting broccoli or cabbage to end up with poor results or a meal for 1. We want to ensure our seed delivers on harvest for when you need it.

Not only are these 3 steps important but we regularly test our stock to ensure the same results hold up year after year.

All new seed introductions undergo the same testing for 3 years before we even consider adding it to our catalogue, our range might be small, but our quality is second to none.

Quality Vegetable Seed by Growseed

That’s why we think here at Growseed we offer the highest quality vegetable seed you can buy online today. Quality does not have to be expensive we have opened our pricing up to make gardening affordable for all, our vegetable seeds start from 99p and standard delivery only costs 80p – and that’s 1st class delivery!