**  31st March **

A friendly update from me (Gerry) although based on my handwriting you can call me Gary, Guy or Carl ;)

We believe in transparency and as a small company I think we can do things better than the larger organisations so with that in mind this is where we are at:

Orders are dispatching on a daily basis. I’m trying to get through these as quickly as possible. Your order will arrive.

If you have ordered Pots & Trays these can arrive via courier and your seeds will be sent separately.

ALL plug plants and fruit bushes are set to dispatch for Mid to Late April.

However, should we experience further delays in the postal system i.e 3+ days for delivery then we may postpone that further to ensure a quality product on arrival. SHOULD you wish to risk delivery then you can request that closer to the time (after 10th April). Note IF your plant arrives dead or damaged, we will not replace the damaged / dead plant this risk will be your responsibility.

Stock Availability & Dispatch

At the moment we have plenty of stock. I am busy packing orders as well as packing new fresh seed.

We only pack a set number of seed packets per year based on what we expect to sell. However, the past 12 days has far exceeded this number so it’s taking a little bit longer to get some orders dispatched. If you have a large order, please be patient.

Please allow 14 days from date of order for your order to arrive. I am aiming to have all orders dispatched and in your hands on or before the 10th of April. Most if not all orders should arrive by this date.

If you think your order has gone missing or is lost then please contact me. WE are aware of an issue with order notifications / status not updated, this has now been fixed. Also if you use Outlook or Hotmail please check your spam folder for any emails.


Should you request a refund or wish to cancel your order – your refund will be processed on requests without delay (Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm)

I believe in trying to be as transparent and as honest as I can and thought I’d share with everyone what is going on here.

Final note

Lastly, thanks to everyone for your kind words, well wishes and your understanding.

It goes without saying, without you we have no business so thank you very much to all new and existing customers for your continued support.

Stay Safe,

Gerry & Growseed Family


Sorry – We have had to temporarily suspend accept new orders. We are experiencing unprecedent demand and to maintain our high levels of customers service we need time to catch up processing existing orders. We are working close to 24hrs a day 7 days a week to process existing orders.

We hope to be accepting new orders by the end of the week. Please be patient your order will arrive.


As of today we have no additional members of staff working at Growseed HQ.

We will continue working to answer any messages that come through to the website.

Only Gerry will continue to process orders but please be aware that there may be delays. Please allow upto 14 days for delivery. We want to keep everyone active and gardening both new and old customers.

It is sad to report we have had to put up with some abuse. We are a SMALL family run business, not Amazon. If you can not wait for your order then a full refund is awaiting you.

We are still processing orders. 

From today, If you place an order with us, please be aware that processing times are extended and it may take longer to arrive so please do not contact us asking for updates.

Your order will arrive :)

I'd like to assure all our customers that we are following all the government guidelines about coronavirus.

Stay safe.

**NEW UPDATE** **March 26th **

We are currently experiencing very high demand, due to people wanting to grow their own whilst being at home. Orders are currently taking an additional 3-5 days to pack and dispatch as we have introduced new working zones to ensure staff safety. 

Please bare with us your order WILL arrive it may just take a little longer than normal. 

Currently Royal Mail are still posting orders. We are noticing a postal delay of 2-3 days once your order has been dispatched this is varying depending on your location.

All fruit & plug plants are dispatching within 6-8 weeks to ensure plants arrive in healthy condition.

** March 24th **

After last nights announcement we have told more of our team to stay at home.

We are still processing orders. It will take us longer to get these out as we are complying with the government guideline of safe distancing.

From today, If you place an order with us, please be aware that processing times are extended and it may take longer to arrive so please do not contact us asking for updates.

We really do appreciate you supporting us during these difficult times

We will continue to update you on a daily basis to let you know of any changes to our situation

Stay Safe

** March 23rd **

Just wanted to update you all on where we stand at Growseed on the ongoing situation.

We are doing as much as we can to keep ourselves ticking over..

Keeping your family and our family safe is our main priority during this time so processing times may be a little slower than usual.

If your order is a little slower getting to you please be patient and do not contact us for updates unless you think your order is lost in transit. We are working within the confines of Royal Mail and any restrictions that may have been placed upon them.

There maybe a delay in delivery due to staff isolation at Royal Mail so please be patient.

We will update you all if anything changes our end. Until that time we are doing are best to operate as normal.

Stay safe

Our Commitment to You.

Thank you so much for entrusting your order with Growseed. We take this responsibility very seriously, ensuring we deliver on our promise to you every day.

Given the current outbreak of COVID-19 and the impact the virus is having on our global communities, customers, employees and families, we would like to take a minute to share our Business Continuity plans with you.

We are a small family run business with customers all over Europe. Providing you with high quality seeds along with our ready available expertise for all your growing, harvesting and sowing questions. Despite the uncertainty of COVID-19, we expect to continue to deliver the same level of service excellence to our customers and have the following measures in place to ensure your success.

Availability of our Customer Service

We feel confident in our continued ability to serve your questions and provide friendly helpful advice regardless of our physical work locations.

Availability of our Products

Our website platform is fully automated. We will continue to process and dispatch orders where possible and for however long we are able to do so while Royal Mail network is active and still in place. Please be aware should there be a disruption to the postal system then your order may not be delivered in a timely fashion.

This applies to plug plants orders should delivery of postal orders become effected we will withhold delivery of all live plants to ensure that a fresh and quality product will arrive to you.

Limiting Transmission

All orders here at Growseed are packed and picked by hand. All employees will be washing hands on a regular basis as well as using anti-bacterial hand products & wearing masks to limit any kind of possible transmission. All of our seed packets are clean and preserved before packing. Please note there IS NO COVID-19 exposure here at Growseed HQ!

Thank you for entrusting your order with Growseed. We are very grateful for the role we play in your lives growing fresh, quality fruit and vegetables we remain as committed as ever to ensuring your success.

We wish you, your colleagues and families safety, wellness and positivity during these challenging times.

With gratitude,

Growseed Family