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Mixed Sweet Pea Seeds
  • Mixed Sweet Pea Seeds

Mixed Sweet Peas

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A mix of whatever sweet pea we are currently growing that year. One thing for sure, colours will be plenty! 



Mixed Sweet Pea Seeds

This mix is pure random on our part. As we only grow sweet peas for the lady of the house it's by pure chance on what you will get that year so if you like a bit of a surprise, this mix of sweet pea seed is for you.

We don't tend to pick bland or uniform colours our own mix is made up of 3-5 varieties that will provide plenty of colour and a fine scent through the summer months.

For early sweet peas sow using heat and undercover September to October and overwinter in a greenhouse or polytunnel with plenty of frost protection. January to March under glass, or April - May if no greenhouse is available for a flowering bloom June - September.

Soke the seeds over night for 24hrs in water to aid in germination. Sow our sweet pea mix in fine light draining compost. Transplant the seedlings once large enough to handle and harden off before planting outside. Pinch out the tip of the plant to encourage side growth and stronger side shoots which provide more plant support and flowers. Pick regular once flowers are on display to continue encouraging growth and supply of flowers.

Common Questions

What can I do with the seeds from my Sweet Pea plants? The seeds from a Mixed Sweet Pea plant are not edible. You can still harvest the Sweet Pea seeds produce to propagate more flowers for next year.

When should I plant Mixed Sweet Pea seeds? You should be planting your Mixed Sweet Pea seeds as soon as the soil is workable in the spring. Even if the weather is still on the colder side your seeds will germinate in about 7 to 15 days. As your seedlings begin to grow you can add more soil to support your Sweet Pea flowers.

Do Mixed Sweet Pea plants need support? Yes. Sweet Pea plants are vigorous climbers and will benefit from any form of support. You can use wigwams, canes or even home made supports that will help your Sweet Pea plant grow tall. Use garden string to fully support the stems of your plant as they can flop and become damaged in strong winds.


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