Fruit Seeds & Plants

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Grow Seed stocks a range of fruit seeds and live plants, including the ever-so-popular raspberries and easy-to-grow strawberries. We also have rhubarb crowns and currant bushes (including black, red and white varieties).

Live plants are sold only during specific times of the year – please see each fruit plant for specific sale availability times.


  • Currant
    <p>Currants are super easy to grow, and this is a good thing considering how rare fresh ones appear in supermarkets. Just one mature bush can produces bunches and bunches of yummy fruit full of anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. Depending on the variety, you can grow black, white or red currants.</p>
  • Melon Seeds
    <p>Once the warm weather of summer arrives, you won't want to be without one of summertime' sweetest fruits: melons! Melons are members of the gourd family and do best in warm temperatures, well-watered soil, and full sun. These juicy treats can be made into juice, as part of cool dishes and fruit salads, or simply eaten straight off the vine.</p>
  • Raspberry
    <p>If you've never had fresh raspberries off the cane, you're in for a superior treat adding these delectable berries to your garden space. Super simple to grow and over time downright prolific, raspberries offer endless possibilities for culinary delight. If you've been buying your raspberries from the store, growing your own raspberries will definitely save you some money during the summer (they're virtually free!), not mention rewarding you with plenty of fruit from mid summer until mid autumn (or even later!), depending on the variety.</p>
  • Rhubarb
    <p>Rhubarb is a hardy perennial with large, green leaves and pink or red stalks. Most frequently used in desserts and jams, rhubarb provides a deliciously tart flavour that compliments other dessert fruits quite well (especially strawberries!!). Rhubarb loves cool weather and provides one of the earliest spring harvests. Enjoy it after its second year and make sure to eat only the stems, not the leaves.</p>
  • Strawberry
    <p>Strawberries are perhaps the easiest of all berries to grow in a small garden or allotment. You can cultivate them in anything from containers and baskets to beds or tubs, or just plant them straight into the ground. They produce up to a pound of fruit per plant, are virtually effortless to care for, and, with a combination of June-bearing and Ever-bearing varieties, you can get a great harvest of these plump treats all growing season long.</p>