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Planting: outside from October to May Spacing: 15-18” (40-45cm)

Full sun

Strawberries are extremely easy to grow. Simply plant them 18” (45cm) apart in well-manured, free-draining soil. Rows should be 30”(75cm) apart. A sheltered area with full sun is ideal. Be careful not to plant them too deeply, as this can cause the roots to rot.

Strawberries also grow well in container gardens and/or in hanging baskets.


Mignonette strawberries need next to no maintenance. Simply keep them well-watered (especially during dry spells) and well-weeded. If planted outside in fertile soil, additional feeding should not be necessary. Strawberries grown in baskets or containers, however, will need occasional feeding.

Unlike other strawberries, Mignonette strawberries produce no runners so you don’t have to worry about clipping them. Simply sit back and eat the berries as they mature throughout the season.


From May through your last frost.

Companion Plants

Strawberries enjoy the company of bush beans, spinach, and borage. Lettuce plants make a fine border.