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18th December 2023 will forever be a big moment for Growseed. Since starting back in October 2014 we have always strived to improve, change, develop, and offer the very best product we can.

Our packets have been no expectation to this rule. Starting with a snap packet and a business card insert we later evolved that packet to become a heat seal foil-based packet, and that has been our standard packet for all small seeds since.

We listen to our customers and take all feedback good and bad and use this to improve, our packets are no expectation, and as many of you have pointed out over the years, you simply did not like our foil seed packets.

Yes they protected the seed however no one liked the fact they could not be composted or recycled (although there are changes to Millar recycling happening all the time)

As of today, we have packed our LAST foil seed packet. That’s it done. It’s been a long time coming but we are now transitioning to paper-based packets.

Last Foil Packets

Above, our last retail packets packed in foil!

New product lines and future retail packets will all be in paper from this point moving forward. We still have a large number of retail packets packed in our foil packets and we will continue to sell these until the last foil packet from that seed variety has been sold, once that has happened we will pack up fresh retail packets in paper.

So from Today, you will start to receive a mix of seed packets from Growseed containing both paper and foil. You may have noticed this already, beans and peas all now come in paper as standard.

Not only our seed packets have changed but some of you may have noticed our onion sets and garlic this year started to dispatch in composted plastic bags. Yup, that’s right NO plastic netting, once you have finished with your onion sets, shallots, or garlic you can simply compost the sack they arrived in.

Seed Packets from Plastic to Paper at Growseed

What does all of this mean for you?

Well, we wanted to show you we do listen, and we do take on feedback and we do strive to improve.

It’s taken a long time to reach this point with a lot of research and development, but we are here now, for the better. Our packets are not pictorial base – we have chosen a design and material that works for us and for you which means gardening is still affordable and keeping our mission to maintain it open for all.

Being paper the seed packets will need some protection from the elements however smaller seed inside comes in a wax-based packet which will help keep moisture at bay, however, they are not waterproof.

Sealing the packet is nice and easy just fold it over and place a crease in the paper or use a peg as you used to with our foil packets. Once the packet is empty just compost and in 12 months the paper should have broken down and will become part of your compost rotation.

This change would not have happened without you, our customer and more importantly the feedback you provide to help make us better.

So to all of our customers a big thank you from Growseed.

Sow. Grow. Enjoy