French Breakfast Radish Seeds

French Breakfast

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An heirloom radish that is crisp, mild and easy to grow. Both the greens and the bright scarlet roots are edible. Quick to mature, it’s one of the first of the spring crops on the table.



French Breakfast Radish Seeds

[28 days] The French Breakfast radish has been around over 100 years and performs wonderfully in just about any cool weather conditions. In fact, it’s hard to get it wrong with these superb little radishes. They germinate easily and watered adequately, do quite well in just about any soil. Their oblong roots are startlingly scarlet, tapering off to white at the ends, and the flesh is crisp and mildly spicy when young.

French Breakfast radishes are fantastic in salads or eaten raw with butter and salt. They’re also great grilled or oven roasted, both of which bring out its subtly sweet, nutty flavour. They also make an attractive garnish. Grows best in cool weather and planted in a sunny location.

Common Questions

How long do French Breakfast Radish seeds take to grow? 28 days. French breakfast radish seeds are ready to harvest in under a month. After germination regular water is advised to encourage a larger crop.

Can you grow French Breakfast radish seeds in pots and containers? Yes, you can grow any radish seeds in a pot. Starting with a very small 9cm plant pot on a window sill.

Do French Breakfast radish seeds need full sun to grow? If you are growing your radish seeds in spring, they will need full sun to get the extra levels of heat. In summer your French Breakfast radish seeds can grow properly in semi-shaded locations as the soil will remain cool. If left in hot soils your seeds will boly and become a spicy, unpleasant flavour.

French Breakfast Details

Germination Time
4 - 7 Days
Sowing Method
Direct to Ground
Days to Maturity
30 Days
Packet Seed Count
Recommended Soil pH

Sow and Harvest Times


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