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Runner beans are not a strong family favorite here, we do like them but we only tend to grow a hand full of plants as the bounty harvests often present us with too much produce to use. So we use what small harvests we have to produce a battered runner bean that tastes amazing as a small snack or a side to a meal - normally a veg curry rather than a naan bread.

Any runner bean will do however we do recommend a stringless bean Lady Di being our preferred choice. 

Difficulty: Easy
Seed in Focus: Runner Beans
Additional: 100ml Cold Sparkling Water, 70g Corn Flour, 30g Plain Flour (if no corn can be 100g plain)

Runner Beans Tempure Batter Flour


Add the flour to a bowl and give it a quick mix. 

Tempure Batter Mixed with Sparkling Water


Add 100ml of the cold sparkling water and mix well. If the batter is too thick (depending on the flour used) add a little extra water. Note: the thicker the batter the bigger the batter you get once fried (we had a thin batter in the images shown)

Runner Beans added to Batter Mix


Top and tail the runner beans and add to the batter, make sure the entire bean is covered. 

Tempurea Beans Frying


Add the battered runner beans to hot oil (we have a deep fat fryer) and cook until the beans start to float, once they are floating on the surface (double-check they have not sunk and stuck to the bottom) they are ready to pick out and enjoy. As a side dish, we recommend sweet chili sauce as a dipping sauce!

Runner Beans in Tempura Batter