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Start sowing seeds after the last day of frost in the UK

We often get asked at Growseed when is the best time to sow our seeds, or we have missed a sowing window in January! So we thought we would compile some handy .pdf downloads for when to start sowing seeds. The time varies from region to region we have also taken the average last frost date in each of the regions to callculate the best time to start sowing.

Please note exact locations may vary by 7 days or so depending on where you live and you will know your local climate better than us! These are just guides to give a little helping hand to those who need it.

The links below download an external pdf file with seed starting dates and planting out dates.

Wales Last Frost Dates

South East Wales

South West Wales

Mid Wales

North Wales

England Last Frost Dates

South East England

South West England

East England


East Midlands

West Midlands

North East

North West

Yorkshire & Humber

Scotland Last Frost Dates


North East Scotland

South West Scotland




Northern Ireland Last Frost Dates

Northern Ireland

Please note: the date does not change only the year! There is more specific last frost dates that can be narrowed down to your exact post code our guides have been created based on the average time for that region.