Giant Winter Spinach Seeds

Giant Winter

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A cold-hardy, flavourful, over-wintering heirloom that can be used for either baby or full-size.



Giant Winter Spinach Seeds

[50 days] An Italian heirloom, Giant Winter Spinach is a high-yielding semi-savoyed variety with dark green, glossy leaves and a great taste. Plant this spinach in the fall and it will give you some of your first greens in the spring. Remarkably cold hardy, this spinach will make through all but the worst weather Britain can throw at you. In fact, it is one of the few plants that will keep growing in winter conditions, as opposed to just holding. It also keeps for a long time after reaching maturity, so you can pick when needed.

Tender and mild, this spinach is great cooked or fresh. Use in anything from salads to frittatas or just sauté it in a little butter. Also freezes well.

This variety is not for spring planting—it will bolt.

Common Questions

How do you grow Giant Winter spinach? Plant your seeds indoors between July and September in seed trays either in the greenhouse or on a sunny windowsill. Sow your seeds 2cm deep with spacing of 10 cms between each seed, making sure to keep the soil moist. You can sow Giant Winter spinach every 4 weeks for continuous harvest of leaves for your fresh salads.

What is eating my Giant Winter spinach leaves? Cutworms, cabbage loops, cabbage earworms, snails and slugs love eating the leaves of your Giant Winter spinach. You can tell if your spinach crop is being attacked by mishaped holes on the edges or in the middle of your leaves.

How long does it take to germinate Giant Winter spinach? Sow your spinach seeds in rows about 12 inches apart thinning as the plants grow. Giant Winter germinates best in cooler soil and the leaves should be harvested as the plant grows before bolting.

Giant Winter Details

Germination Time
4 - 7 Days
Sowing Method
Direct to Ground
Days to Maturity
50 Days
Grow in Greenhouse
Optional for Early Crop
Packet Seed Count

Sow and Harvest Times


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