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Take the guesswork out of succession-planting mini and sprouting broccolis, Growseed's sprouting Broccoli Planting Program allows you to easily extend your harvest across the growing seasons.

Seed sowing is best done in modules and transplanted out to the main location rather than direct seeding. Most sprouting broccoli varieties have a long growing cycle and do take much-needed growing space - we do recommend sowing quick crops around the broccoli while it grows (radish and salad crops) once the plant has established the green foilage of the plant will suppress any weed growth so interplanting alternative crops is not recommended once the plant has reached half way through its maturity.

Purple sprouting broccoli does offer the ability to cut and come again providing you leave the heart of the plant without harvesting. The plant does well over winter as sowing with harvest during the hunger gap during spring once temperatures rise it is prone to bolting and flowering, early signs to harvest the entire crop is once broccoli florets start to show yellow flower pettles.

Season Broccoli Varieties Sowing Period Harvesting Period Cold Tolerance Heat Tolerance Days to Maturity
Spring Purple Sprouting Early Early Spring Late Spring High Low 60-80
Spring White Sprouting White Eye Early Spring Late Spring/Early Summer Moderate Moderate 200-220
Summer Purple Sprouting Summer Purple Spring Early Autumn Moderate High 150-170
Autumn Purple Sprouting F1 Claret Late Summer Winter High Moderate 220-250
Winter Purple Sprouting Rudolph Late Summer Winter Very High Low 220-250