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28 Cell Deep Root Success Kit  (Long life root trainer)
  • 28 Cell Deep Root Success Kit  (Long life root trainer)

28 Cell Deep Root Success Kit

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28 cell root trainer made from hard-wearing plastic. Designed to "split" when opening to minimize damage to plant root systems



Long-life root trainer

This kit functions as an excellent root trainer system, offering optimal conditions for root development. The split cell design and internal ridges encourage roots to grow downward, while the ventilation and drainage features prevent root circling, resulting in healthier, more robust plants ready for transplanting.

The all-in-one kit comprises a base tray, 28 robust plant cells, and a transparent ventilated propagator lid. A unique "split cell" design enables convenient monitoring of root growth without causing any disturbance to the roots during transplanting. The 12cm deep cells are thoughtfully constructed with ridged inner sides to promote healthy downward root development. These cells are equipped with central drainage holes and four side ventilation slots, ensuring excellent drainage and facilitating air pruning of the root system. The 8cm high clear propagator lid features a user-friendly dial ventilator.

This kit is perfect for nurturing plants with deep root systems, such as beans and sweet peas, and is equally effective for raising cuttings. The plant cells and base tray are made from long-lasting injection-molded materials, guaranteeing years of repeated use. After use, the cells can be effortlessly cleaned and sterilized in a dishwasher.

Assembled dimensions: 38cm (15") in length, 23.5cm (9.25") in width, and 20cm (8") in height.


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