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Maris Peer Potato Seeds
  • Maris Peer Potato Seeds

Maris Peer Potato

An all-around great tasting potato with cream-coloured skin and flesh. Excellent mashed, boiled, baked or in salads.

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    Solanum tuberosum


    100 - 120 Days


    Hardy Annual

  • Plant Size

    Height Up To 60cm (23.6in) Spread Up To 60cm (23.6in)

  • Hardiness & Longevity

    Tender Tuber

  • Ideal For

    Patio Kitchen Garden

  • Position In

    Full Sun


Maris Peer Potato Seeds

A second early potato producing uniform, flavourful boiling potatoes. Maris Peer potatoes are especially prized for use in potato salads, partially because of their uniformity, but also because they retain their colour, form and superb flavour throughout the cooking process.

Like first earlies, Maris Peer potatoes are best eaten straight out of the ground. They’ll keep for about a month in the ground after reaching maturity. Because of its smallish size, Maris Peer potatoes are excellent for container gardening. They also happen to have beautiful, scented, purple flowers making it the perfect patio potato.

This particular variety is especially suited for second cropping and harvesting at Christmas. Simply plant them again in August (ideally in bags or in containers that can be moved indoors away from the risk of frost).

Best used as a baby potato.

Disease resistant.

Optional: Keep some seed potatoes back in a dark location and allow them to sprout. Plant in tubs late July or Early August and you can enjoy fresh baby potatoes on Christmas day!

Please note we have had to make some changes to our potato sales due to the increased cost in shipping. Potatoes are sent on a 48hr service via a courier. The price has increased to allow for some of the additional postal charge. Very sorry but this is out of our hands.

Common Questions

How do you grow Maris Peer Potato from seed? You should start chitting your Maris Peer potatoes in the middle of February, so that they have around four weeks to sprout before being planted out. Your potatoes should be kept in a cool, light environment.

How long does it take to grow Maris Peer Potatoes? Maris Peer Potatoes take about 15 to 17 weeks before being ready to harvest after the seed potatoes are planted.

How many Maris Peer Potatoes do you get per plant? If conditions are correct when growing your own Maris Peer Potatoes, you should be rewarded with a harvest of about 10 potatoes per plant. How many Maris Peer Potatoes you can harvest highly depends on the care you have given your plants and whether the conditions are right during the growing season.

Sow and Harvest Times


Product Features

Germination Time
7 - 14 Days
Sowing Method
Direct to Ground
Days to Maturity
100 - 120 Days
Grow in Greenhouse
Optional for Overwinter Crop
Number of Seeds Per Packet
Recommended Soil pH
6.0 - 6.5


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