Boltardy Beetroot Seeds


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Beetroot Boltardy produces an excellent crop of sweet, tender beetroot, perfect for early sowings due to its bolting resistance. AGM variety.



Boltardy Beetroot Seeds

Beetroot Boltardy is one of the most well known and popular beetroot varieties available today. Producing globe shaped with a striking deep red colour, this beetroot is tender, super sweet and packed full of flavour.

Perfect for early sowing due to being bolt-resistant it's clear why this is an RHS AGM variety.

Height: 30cm (12"). Spread: 15cm (6").

Common Questions

When should I sow my Boltardy beetroot? The best time to start sowing your Boltardy outdoors is mid-spring to the middle of summer. You can plant your beetroot seeds around 5 weeks early if you use pots and containers and start indoors.

Should I thin my Boltardy beets? Crowded beets don't grow to their maximum capability. Once your Boltardy seedlings reach about 5 inches tall you should consider to start thinning.

Are there any veggies that I should plant next to Boltardy beets? Companion plants help growth, also repel pests and insects that attack your crops seeds and leaves. Some of the best vegetables you can grow next to Boltardy are onions, lettuce, radish, cabbage and beans.

Boltardy Details

Average Germination Time
7 - 10 Days
Sowing Method
Direct to Ground
Grow in Greenhouse
Optional for Overwinter Crop
Packet Seed Count

Sow and Harvest Times


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