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Forono Beetroot Seeds
  • Forono Beetroot Seeds


A cylindrical beat that is super easy to slice and resists going woody. Grows well in most cultivated soils. The cylindrical shape means you can grow more in a smaller space, and grows well in our British climates.

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    Beta vulgaris


    60 Days



  • Plant Size

    Height Up To 30cm (12in) Spread Up To 15cm (6in)

  • Hardiness & Longevity

    Hardy Annual

  • Ideal For

    Kitchen Garden, Pots & Allotment

  • Position In

    Full or Half Sun


Forono Beetroot Seeds

[60 days] Forono beetroot is an old Italian variety that is easy to grow, super-flavourful, and, due to its cylindrical shape, easy to slice. The roots themselves are a deep, dark red, 6-8” (7-10cm) long, and the texture remains excellent longer than many other varieties. Many gardeners find Forono beets more disease and insect resistant than other varieties, and since the roots are the same size around throughout and can be sliced uniformly, cooks love them! As a bonus, the leaves of this beet are especially tasty. Will grow well in just about any place in Britain and stores well.

Common Questions

What happens if you leave Forono beetroot in the ground too long? Leaving Forono in the ground too long can make the roots become tough and woody, making your beetroot inedible. You can leave the beetroot in the ground over winter as long as you protect the roots, do this buy generously laying straw over the ground to protect from the frost.

What animal is eating my Forono leaves and roots? Common pests that love eating beetroot are rodents and birds. Bird love digging up soil to steeling your beets and mice can chew off entire leaves of younger plants. You can try and protect your beets by placing nets over the top of your soil.

What is best to plant next to Forono beetroot? Beetroot is easy to grow and make great companion plants for your garden. The crops are easy to grow and need little maintenance. Companion planting can improve soil nutrients, encourage faster growth and produce better tasting crops. You should always look at planting your beets close to Onions, Beans, Radishes and Lettuce to enhance your vegetables and repel pests.

Sow and Harvest Times


Product Features

Germination Time
7 - 20 Days
Sowing Method
Start in Pots or Trays
Days to Maturity
60 Days
Number of Seeds Per Packet
Recommended Soil pH
5.6 - 6.6


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