Jalapeno Chilli Pepper Seeds


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An easy to grow hot pepper, Jalapeños are one of the most popular peppers grown in the US and are best known for their spicy-hot, yet sweet flavor. Perfect for salsas and traditional Mexican/American cuisine.



Jalapeno Chilli Seeds

[75 days] Jalapeño peppers are a staple food in Mexico and the American Southwest. These steady producers may take a little while to flower, but once they start they keep on producing throughout the growing season. The plants grow to about 3’ in height and produce blunt-ended fruits with thick, dark green skins that turn to bright red when fully ripe.

The flavour deepens as the peppers ripen and both colours have their classic uses. The green peppers are most often used for roasting, stuffing, pickling and salsas. The gorgeous red peppers are often mesquite-smoked into chipotle, strung on ristras for easy access, or dried and made into a hot chile powder.

Like most peppers, jalapeño’s are self-pollinating—they’re not dependent on insects for fertility, just a little bit of wind.

Note: If you have access to grow lights and a heated propagator you can start sowing your plants in December and January to give you a head start on the year.

Common Questions

What are Jalapeno Peppers? Jalapeno peppers are a medium sized chilli pepper of the Capsicum annuum species. Mature Jalapeno's are around 5-10cm long with smooth flash and around 2-3cm wide.

How do you know when Jalapeno peppers are ripe? You can tell Jalapeno peppers are ripe when they are 4-6 inches long, fat and have a bright glow to their skin. Jalapeno turn darker green, then black and to red. Jalapenos are ready to be harvested when they are firm and bright green. However, you can leave the fruits until they turn red.

How long does it take for Jalapeno pepper seeds to germinate? You can speed up the Jalapeno peppers germination process by placing your seeds in damp paper towels, place in a bag, and leave in a warm place. As soon as the Jalapeno pepper seeds begin to sprout begin to transplant in to pots and containers. Germinating your Jalapeno pepper seeds should take around 10-14 days to complete.

Jalapeno Details

Average Germination Time
7 - 14 Days
Sowing Method
Indoors Sow (propagator)
Days to Maturity
75 - 95 Days
Max Grown Height
18 - 24 inches
Grow in Greenhouse
Packet Seed Count
Hot Scale
Scoville Rating
2,500 – 10,000 SHU
Recommended Soil pH

Sow and Harvest Times

Plant out:

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