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Carbon Neutral
Carbon Neutral We offset all of our carbon

We are an open an ethical run seed company.

Here at Growseed our sole focus is to put the grower first and keep gardening affordable and open to all.

Our passion is growing. Back in 2016 we become one of the first eco friendly seed companies in the UK we offset all of our carbon including that used when posting seeds and this is still something we do today. 

As a move to improve the enviorment and our impact on the planet we have recently switched over to paper and more eco friendly products more of which can be found here

Why Grow with Growseed

All of our seeds are grown and used by us! All of our friends, family and staff (who are infact an extension of our family) all grow using our own seeds, we constantly thrive and test each seed to provide the very best product available to buy today.

Although our main seed line is not certified organic we do grow to organic standards and in most cases surpass those requirments. We do have a small certified organic seed line which has the paper work to trace that crop back to an organic farm which we inspect personally on an annual basis as well as have its own Soil Association inspections.

We really do care about our products and the end users.

Non-GMO seed sources

All of our seeds are GMO free. There are no GMO seeds sold on the UK market. You can read more about our GMO Free Vegetable Seeds