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Bonita Mixed Marigold Seeds
  • Bonita Mixed Marigold Seeds

Bonita Mixed

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These easy-to-grow marigolds feature yellow, orange, and red blooms, perfect for borders, containers, and beds, providing season-long beauty and attracting pollinators.



Bonita Mixed Marigold Seeds

Brighten your garden with the vibrant hues of our Marigold Bonita Mixed seeds. This stunning mix includes a variety of yellow, orange, and red flowers that are perfect for adding a splash of color to borders, containers, and beds. These marigolds are known for their robust growth and easy maintenance, making them ideal for gardeners of all experience levels.

Common Questions

When should I sow Marigold Bonita Mixed seeds? Sow the seeds indoors from March to April and transplant them outdoors from late May to June after the last frost.

How tall do Marigold Bonita Mixed plants grow? These marigold plants typically grow to a height of 20-25 cm.

What care is required for Marigold Bonita Mixed plants? Ensure they are planted in a sunny spot with well-drained soil, keep the soil moist but not waterlogged, and deadhead regularly to promote continuous blooming.

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