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Tangerine Marigold Seeds
  • Tangerine Marigold Seeds

Tangerine Marigold

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Very prolific and vigours growing plant with a striking orange flower.



Tangerine Marigold Seeds

A bright orange marigold is great for bringing in pollinators. Very prolific and vigours growth. Best grown in bunches for greater colour and effect in a border. 

Here at Growseed, we are not big fans of Marigolds and they only get used for one thing only - protection. We think of marigolds as the great plant enforcer if you need to keep your strawberry plants safe then this is the best method we have found. Slugs for whatever reason will target the marigolds first over the strawberry plant so prevented measures can be put in place and away from the food source.

Ant's don't like the root system and will push any ant nest or pests well away from your strawberry plants. As an added bonus bees and other pollinating insects love them, which means all surrounding strawberry plants will a healthy dose of pollination resulting in a larger crop.

As the plants get eaten or stop flowering replace with another row of marigolds to help protect the strawberry plants through the entire fruiting process.

The bright orange tangerine plants do help break up a field of green.

Common Questions

Are Tangerine Marigolds easy to grow from seed? Yes. Marigolds germinate quickly and begin to sprout within a couple of days. You will be rewarded with a beautiful tangerine blossom in around 8 weeks and all you need to do is sow your seeds directly into soil. Plant your seeds once all of the frost has passed in spring and the soil has started to warm up.

How do you protect Tangerine Marigolds from pest infestations? You can use insecticidal soap, place sticky traps or companion plant with flowers and vegetables that will deter bugs. Aphids, caterpillars, snails and slugs will love feeding on your Marigolds and protecting your blossoming flower is vital.

Should you soak your Tangerine Marigold seeds before planting? Many gardeners recommend soaking your Marigold seeds before sowing. The best method is to soak for no more then 6 hours before planting, otherwise your seeds will begin to decompose. Bare in mind that the hotter the water you placed your seeds in the less you will need to soak them for.

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