Spicy Microgreen Mix

Spicy Mix

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Mix includes Salad Rocket, Red Giant Mustard, Green Wave Mustard and Mizuna. Aprox 10,000 seeds.



Spicy Easy to grow microgreens.

A crafted blend of spicy red & green leaf mixes including Rocket, Red Giant Mustard, Green Mustard and Mizua, our mix has been chosen and blended for a range of flavours and textures that complement each other. Varieties are subject to change depending upon availability.

Our spicy microgreen mix will add some extra kick to any salad dish. First harvest can be taken after 28 days once first true leaf’s have been established cut at the base of the stem just above soil level. Ensure to wash microgreens before serving.

Common Questions

How to Water Micogreens Bottom watering is preferred or mist using a spray bottle to prevent soil from splashing on the seedlings. Maintain even moisture and do not allow sowing medium to dry out.

When to harvest microgreens? Once the first true leaves begin to emerge. Typically, microgreens are harvested at 2 -5 cm in height. Cut with scissors or a sharp knife and minimize handling to reduce damage.

Spicy Mix Details

Germination Time
3-5 Days
Sowing Method
Shallow Trays
Days to Maturity
30 Days
Grow in Greenhouse
Packet Seed Count
Small Space Growing

Sow and Harvest Times


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