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What to Sow in November?

A traditional point of dormancy in the garden November is a hard month to get any kind of production underway although with recent climate changes it is possible to sow some seeds and harvest a crop however you should allow a few additional days (7+) for seed germination to take place.

Garlic is ideally planted now as well as any late winter onion sets. You can start to sow Onions & Spring onions into trays and cells.

Peas can also be over wintered if you have a greenhouse or polytunnel you can be sowing any peas now! Carrots can also be sown now again you need to provide some cover.

Lettuce can be sown in trays and is best enjoyed as a cut and come again crop. Once the leaves are around 5-6cm high cut the crop back just above soil level they will regrow 3-4 times before harvest is very limited.

If you are lucky enough to own some grow lights and a heated propagator give Microgreens a try!