Organic Seeds

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Organic vegetable seeds are free from synthetic agricultural chemicals.  They are better suited for use in your organic garden than conventional seeds, and have not pre-treated with any form of chemical fungicide. The perfect choice for organic and environmentally friendly gardeners, each purchase of organic seed stock supports farms and companies that are committed to improving local, regional seed systems.

Organic Vegetable Seeds

Here at Growseed we have a very specific range of organic vegetable seeds. We trial all of our seed over 3 years to ensure great germination, taste and crop yield. We think we have selected some of the very best organic seed available today some maybe well known varieties while other names might be unfamiliar.


  • Organic Aubergine Seed
    <p>Aubergines are easy to grow, the hardest part is getting the seeds germinated and organic aubergine seeds are no different. Set the thermostat to 22-24c on the propagator and you should have no problems. Although you can grow aubergines in the open we recommend growing them in a greenhouse or polytunnel. </p>
  • Organic Beetroot Seed
    <p>A very easy crop to grow on average 90 days until harvest, organic beetroot is an easy crop to grow from seed regardless of your gardening experience. The sweet underground-growing bulbs are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, plus the above-ground growing greens are tasty and packed with nutrition as well.</p>
  • Organic Broad Bean Seed
    <p>Organic broad beans can produce high yields from a small area or even a large pot. Best enjoyed freshly picked, homegrown organic broad beans have a superior flavour compared to beans bought in the supermarket.</p>
  • Organic Brussel Sprout Seed
    <p>Best enjoyed fresh organic brussel sprouts can be enjoyed as an autumn, winter or spring vegetable. For maincrops sow the seed outdoors March - April or in a pot February and transplant out late March.</p>
  • Organic Broccoli Seed
    <p>Organic sprouting broccoli seeds produce a shoot that is delicious and healthy and can be picked frequently over a long period of time. Calabrese will produce a single head in the center of the plant and will take a little longer to grow to offer a single harvest whereas sprouting broccoli can provide a continued supply of side shoots for harvest.</p>
  • Organic Cabbage Seed
    <p>Organic cabbages can be sown and grown throughout the entire year. With careful crop management, you can enjoy this healthy crop all year.</p>
  • Organic Carrot Seed
    <p>A great selection of organic carrot seed from sweet small carrots to growing a large main crop variety. Growing carrots in buckets can provide a crop all year round. </p>
  • Organic Cauliflower Seed
    <p>A popular brassica available in a range of colours and types, our organic cauliflower seeds range is small but is constantly expanding. Each plant has been chosen for taste and productivity.</p>
  • Organic Cucumber Seed
  • Organic French Bean Seed
  • Organic Leek Seed
  • Organic Lettuce Seed
  • Organic Onion Seed
  • Organic Pea Seed
  • Organic Chilli and Sweet Pepper Seed
    <p>Our organic pepper range has been selected from Growseed’s trials of various seed sourced from specialist growers here in the UK and overseas. Each varietyiaty has been selected for flavour, crop yield and climate adaptability we only add what we consider to the be the best-performing pepper seed varieties.</p> <p><strong>Organic sweet peppers</strong> consist of bell peppers of various size and colours not to mention the long banana. Our <strong>organic hot peppers</strong> or chilli peppers include a number of hot and mild variates.</p>
  • Organic Radish Seed
  • Organic Runner Bean Seed
  • Organic Spinach Seed
  • Organic Sprouting Seeds
  • Organic Courgette Seed
  • Organic Squash Seed
  • Organic Swede Seed
  • Organic Tomato Seed
    <p>We offer certified <b>organic tomato seeds</b>, tomatoes need a well-fed soil, preferably treated with compost or rotted manure. Growing organic tomatoes is no different to growing our regular tomato seed the only difference is we recommend only using natural and organic feeds and pesticides during germination and growth to ensure your crop is 100% organic.</p> <h2><b>Our Organic Tomato Seed Range</b></h2> <p>Our organic tomato seed range consists of the ever popular Gardner's Delight, some beefsteak varieties, organic cherry tomatoes and of course organic yellow tomatoes!</p>
  • Organic Turnip Seed
  • Organic Chard