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This table below, Transplanted Vegetable Crops, lists crops that in most cases fare best when started indoors as opposed to being direct-sown, and are then transplanted out when they reach suitable size and conditions are favorable.

Use this chart as a guide for estimating the:

1) the approximate number of days from sowing to the transplanting stage;

2) approximate number of days from transplanting until the respective crop reaches maturity;

3) the crop's average projected yield per in a standard allotment sized 2.4m x 1.2m bed.

Please note chart applies to UK growers only and bed size is calculated as the standard garden growing bed or that found in many UK allotment sites.

The list of transplanted vegetable crops is alphabetically sorted.

Vegetable Days Sowing to Transplant Days Transplant to Maturity Average Yield (per 2.4m x 1.2m bed)
Aubergine 56-70 days 70-85 days 4-6 kg (9-13 lbs)
Beetroot 35-49 days 55-70 days 6-8 kg (13-18 lbs)
Bell Pepper 56-70 days 60-85 days 5-7 kg (11-15 lbs)
Broccoli 35-49 days 60-85 days 3-5 kg (7-11 lbs)
Brussels Sprout 35-49 days 90-110 days 3-5 kg (7-11 lbs)
Cabbage 35-49 days 60-100 days 4-6 kg (9-13 lbs)
Cauliflower 35-49 days 55-100 days 3-5 kg (7-11 lbs)
Cucumber 21-28 days 50-70 days 10-15 kg (22-33 lbs)
Broad Beans 35-49 days 90-120 days 3-5 kg (7-11 lbs)
Kale 21-45 days 50-65 days 2-4 kg (4-9 lbs)
Lettuce 21-28 days 45-60 days 4-6 kg (9-13 lbs)
Melons 14-28 days 70-90 days 4-8 kg (9-18 lbs)
Onions 56-70 days 80-100 days 5-7 kg (11-15 lbs)
Spinach 14-28 days 40-50 days 2-4 kg (4-9 lbs)
Spring Onions 35-48 days 50-70 days 2-4 kg (4-9 lbs)
Tomato 35-49 days 70-85 days 10-15 kg (22-33 lbs)
Zucchini & Courgette 21-28 days 50-60 days 8-10 kg (18-22 lbs)

Please note that these are estimated timeframes and yields.

The actual timing and yield can vary based on various factors such as weather, soil quality, watering, and care.

It's essential to adjust based on your specific growing conditions and the time of year sowing. For example sowing lettuce during autumn and winter months the time frame can be extended by 30+ days!