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30ltr Plant Pot
  • 30ltr Plant Pot

35ltr Bucket

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These buckets make growing potatoes super easy! Each pot will hold 3-6 seed potatoes depending on the variety and come harvest simply turn the bucket over.

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35ltr Plant Pot

Each bucket has two carry handles to make lifting and transporting very easy. The 35ltr is 43cm wide (including the rim thickness) x 37.5cm deep and a base diameter of 31cm

Discover the ultimate in durability and functionality with our Commercial Heavy Duty Pots. Built to withstand the rigors of intensive use, these thick, resilient pots are your go-to choice for container planting. Whether you’re cultivating potatoes, nurturing vegetables, or expanding your floral displays, these pots offer unmatched strength and versatility.

Robust and Reliable: Crafted from high-quality, thick materials, our pots are designed to endure. They resist cracking and splitting, ensuring they remain intact through seasons of use. Perfect for both novice and experienced gardeners, they provide a sturdy home for your plants, no matter what you grow.

Versatile Sizes Available: Explore our selection of pot sizes to find the perfect fit for your gardening needs. From small herbs to large vegetable plants, we have the right size to accommodate your growth ambitions. Each pot is engineered to support robust root development, giving your plants the best start possible.

Effective Drainage System: Proper drainage is crucial for healthy plant growth, and our pots excel in this area. Featuring strategically placed drainage holes around the base, they prevent waterlogging and promote optimal soil moisture levels, helping your plants thrive.

Perfect for Container Gardening: Whether you’re planning a balcony garden, a patio oasis, or a vegetable plot, these pots are ideal. Their heavy-duty construction makes them perfect for growing a wide range of crops, including root vegetables like potatoes, leafy greens, and colorful flowers.

Upgrade your gardening toolkit with our Commercial Heavy Duty Pots and experience the difference quality makes. Shop our selection today and give your plants the robust support they deserve!

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