Onions Sets

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Our onion sets are prepared from fresh seed ready for planting the following season, they are simply onions that have not been allowed to mature. Harvested early, cut and dried they are simply a small onion bulb where seed germination has been done for you.

Much easier to grow compared to onion seed, they are also much easier to harvest. You should not eat onion sets – sometimes confused with pickling the onion is too youn to be enjoyed at it’s best.

Growseed onion sets are 250g in weight providing on average 75 strong healthy bulbs per set this should provide you with a total of 75 onions! All onion sets are provided in a handy netted bag that can be reused around the garden or allotment usages include storing plant markers, supporting other plants or as a basic pot cover! They are supplied this way to ensure maximum air circulation around the sets to avoid mould and rot setting in!

Over Winter onion sets can be planted as early as October while Spring Onion sets should be planted no later than March / Early April.

Traditionally onion sets are planted 5-8 cm apart (approximately a full hand width apart) however you can bunch the onions by planting in close modules of 4, this allows you to harvest traditional onions within 12-16 weeks and enjoyed as a salad onion and continued harvest until 1 onion is left in each position and allowed to mature into a full bulb.

Red Karmen Onion Set

250g set. Approx 75 Bulbs

Delivery March - April Dispatching MONDAY 21st March


TA lovely dark-red onion that produces a heavy crop of red-skinned bulbs with a sweet, yet...

Red Winter Onion Set

250g set. Approx 75 Bulbs

Delivery Late Nov - Dec


Pack with sweet flavor and sporting a brilliant color, this overwintering red onion will often...

Snowball Onion Set

250g set. Approx 75 Bulbs

Delivery late Nov - Dec


250g - Approx 75 Bulbs. Just as the name suggests, snowball is a bright white-skinned onion. A...