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Struggling to decide what to do with all your allotment or back garden cabbages? Give our super-simple cabbage and bacon recipe a go! Goes well with any dish meat or fish or makes an excellent light meal on its own.

All of the seeds found in our cabbage section once grown are perfect for this recipe however we do recommend Red Drumhead as the colour contrast makes an interesting dish for a Sunday dinner with the natural red dye from the cabbage giving your bacon a very unique purple hue! Or Dutchman F1 super sweet once cooked with bacon is offset by the salt found in bacon. A very nice dish indeed!

Difficulty: Easy
Seed in Focus: Cabbage Dutchman F1
Additional: Smoked Bacon

Fry Bacon


Heat a frying pan with a little oil (optional) however, tend to find the natural fat from the bacon does the job perfectly. Cut the bacon into strips and place in the frying and lightly fry.

Slice Cabbage


While the bacon is frying. Cut your cabbage heart down the middle and cut into finger-width strips and separate. Add these directly to the frying pan and stir allow the cabbage to start to wilt don't stop stirring otherwise the cabbage will burn.

Add Cabbage to bacon


Once the cabbage starts to wilt add water directly to the frying pan (about a pint of water) or until everything is covered. Bring the water to a boil and then let it simmer.

Add water to cabbage & bacon and boil


After most of the water has evaporated give the bacon and cabbage a good stir and turn the heat back up to full. Ensure all the water has evaporated from the pan and then serve.

Cabbage & Bacon ready to serve