Cobra French Bean Seeds


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A heavy, reliable cropper with gorgeous violet flowers and sweet, stringless beans.



Cobra French Bean Seeds

[60 days] One of the most reliable French climbing beans, Cobra is a quick-growing pole bean that produces a huge amount of green, stringless pods that taste amazing. The vines grow to about 180cm (6ft) and begin producing long before most other varieties.

Disease-resistant (BCMV race 1), beautiful, and prolific—what’s not to love? Eat them raw or cook them lightly. They also can and freeze well (which is good, because you’re going to have a lot of them.) Pick young for best flavour. Keep picking for a long, continuous harvest.

An RHS Garden Merit Award winner.

Height: 180cm (6’). Spread: 30cm (1’)

Common Questions

Can you grow french beans from seed? Sow you Cobra French bean seeds out doors 4 inches apart and 2 inches deep. You can begin sowing your seeds at the end of May and early June, covering with fine soil. Make sure you water well and create supports to minimise any damage to the new roots.

What vegetable seeds should french beans not be planted next to? Cobra French beans should not be planted near veggies that do not do well with extra nitrogen, like tomatoes and peppers. French beans also don't grow well next to beetroot, chives, onions and garlic as these can stunt the beans stalk.

What are good companion plants for Cobra french beans? Cobra French beans are fantastic companions to many vegetables like broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, kale and peas. They benefit from the extra nitrogen levels that are given to the surrounding soil from the growth of beans.

Does Barlotto Cobra French Beans require support? Yes, Cobra is a climbing french bean meaning they require support or a frame just like runner beans.

Cobra Details

Average Germination Time
7 - 10 Days
Sowing Method
Start in Pots / Trays
Days to Maturity
60 Days
Max Grown Height
Packet Seed Count
Recommended Soil pH

Sow and Harvest Times

Plant out:

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