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Stanley French Bean Seed
  • Stanley French Bean Seed


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An RHS award-winning variety celebrated for its high yields and superb taste.



Stanley French Bean Seeds

This bush variety excels in pots and containers, growing to about 45cm in height with minimal staking required. Stanley beans produce long, straight, dark green pods that are pencil-podded and virtually stringless, filled with white seeds known for their excellent flavor and a hint of sweetness.

Highly reliable and early maturing, this variety is resistant to Bean Common Mosaic Virus, Anthracnose, and Halo Blight, making it perfect for both early and late planting seasons. Ideal for the home gardener seeking a prolific crop with outstanding quality

Germination 7-14 days

Common Questions

How tall do Stanley Dwarf French Beans grow? Stanley Dwarf French Beans grow to about 45cm tall, making them suitable for container gardening and areas with limited space.

What diseases are Stanley French Beans resistant to? Stanley French Beans boast resistance to several diseases, including Bean Common Mosaic Virus, Anthracnose, and Halo Blight, ensuring a robust crop less susceptible to common plant illnesses.

When should Stanley French Beans be harvested for best flavor? For the best flavor, Stanley French Beans should be harvested when they are about 12 to 14cm long. This ensures the beans retain their excellent taste and slight sweetness, ideal for a variety of dishes.


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