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What to sow in August?

August is a month many tend to focus on harvesting rather than sowing. However, now can be the perfect time to start focusing on some additional crops to enjoy later in the year and even in Spring the following year.

Sowing in the greenhouse.
Make use of open spaces to get the last sowing of French beans underway. Dwarf french beans perform better than climbing as we head towards the end of summer. Carrots, Lettuce, Coriander, and Peas can all be sown now.

Direct sowing outside.
Make the most of the last warm soil and start sowing outside Spring Onion, Radishes, Salad crops, Chard, Pak Choi and Turnips.

Red Salad Bowl

500 Seeds per packet

Grow all year round


A beautiful, fast-growing lettuce with close-set, deeply cut, maroon-red leaves. Slow to bolt,...

Amsterdam Forcing

1000 Seeds per packet

Freezes very well. Grow all year.


Some of the sweetest and earliest carrots to grow in the home garden or allotment. Great for...

Chantenay 2 Red Cored

1000 Seeds per packet

Perfect for poor soil. Grow all year.


Great for juicing or eating fresh, and especially fantastic as a baby carrot. A great...

Welsh Onion

800 Seeds per packet

Best to harvest second year


A versatile bunching onion that will keep dividing and reproducing itself indefinitely. Use as...

Senshyu Onion

300 Seeds per packet

Winter Sowing


An over-wintering Japanese onion yielding the first bulb onions of the season. Beautiful,...

Giant Winter

1000 Seeds per packet

Very cold hardy


A cold-hardy, flavourful, over-wintering heirloom that can be used for either baby or...

Green Sprouting

600 Seeds per packet

Grow all year round.


A favourite in the UK since the early 1900s, this fast growing sprouting broccoli will...

Wheelers Imperial

200 Seeds per packet

One of the best cabbages to overwinter


Incredibly reliable overwintering green cabbage. Plant it in the autumn and reap a splendid...


1000 Seeds per packet

Harvest early to roast. Later for salads.


Also known as “White Egg,” this turnip sports a lovely, tennis-ball-sized root that is...

Chard Bright Lights

100 Seeds per packet

Provides plenty of colour in the winter.


A stunning collection of bright colors, these chard plants were bred especially for beauty and...

Cherry Belle

500 Seeds per packet

25 Days. Easy to grow. Grow all year.


A fast-maturing, earl-season radish, Cherry Belle will be ready to eat before you can...