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What to sow in August?

August is a month many tend to focus on harvesting rather than sowing. However, now can be the perfect time to start focusing on some additional crops to enjoy later in the year and even in Spring the following year.

Sowing in the greenhouse.
Make use of open spaces to get the last sowing of French beans underway. Dwarf french beans perform better than climbing as we head towards the end of summer. Carrots, Lettuce, Coriander, and Peas can all be sown now.

Direct sowing outside.
Make the most of the last warm soil and start sowing outside Spring Onion, Radishes, Salad crops, Chard, Pak Choi and Turnips.

All Green Mix

25g. Sweet, refreshing greens.


Mix includes Mizuna, Komatsuna, Tatsoi, Red Giant Mustard and Red Russian Kale. Aprox 10,000...

Spicy Mix

25g. Strong peppery taste.


Mix includes Salad Rocket, Red Giant Mustard, Green Wave Mustard and Mizuna. Aprox 10,000...

Short n Sweet

1000 Seeds per packet

Super sweet. Compact growing. Grow all year.


Short N Sweet has been bread specifically for containers, small space growing and poor soil!...

Amador F1

200 Seeds per packet

Can be sown & grown all year!


A smooth variety with a dark green colour to the leaf. Very strong bolting resistance making...

Sweetbell F1

100 Seeds per packet

Fast Growing in under 7 weeks


A countryside staple. Great raw or cooked, Sweetbell turnips have an exceptionally sweet...

Red Kitten F1

100 Seeds per packet

Slow Bolting. Ideal for baby leaf


A lovely spinach with glossy green leaves and red veins. A slow-bolting, mid-early producer...

French Breakfast

1000 Seeds per packet

30 Days. Easy to grow. Grow all year.


An heirloom radish that is crisp, mild and easy to grow. Both the greens and the bright...

Malaga Violet

500 Seeds per packet

45 Days. Easy to grow. Grow all year.


A quick-growing, easy-to-grow radish with purple skin and crisp, white flesh. Ready to harvest...

Douce Provence

200 Seeds per packet

Grow all year. No supports needed


An old, well-loved variety, Douce Proven peas are a petite, bushing, winter-hardy favorite...

Salad Bowl

500 Seeds per packet

Grow all year round


A fast-growing lettuce with close-set, deeply-lobed, brilliant green leaves. Slow to bolt,...