Seeds to sow in March string(1) "3"

Deadon F1

10 Seeds per packet

Taste improves in colder weather


A beautiful, red savoy cabbage that makes excellent coleslaw. Can be planted in the spring,...

Sunta F1

10 Seeds per packet

Summer cabbage.


An early, green, summer cabbage with firm, uniform heads and a sweet flavour. Very consistent...

Crispus F1

10 Seeds per packet


Crispus Brussels Sprouts are an early to mid-season hybrid that is both tasty and club root...

Samson F1

10 Seeds per packet

Late Season. September sowings!


A super late-season Calabrese-style variety which stands well in the garden until needed.

Tumbling Tom

10 Seeds per packet

Hanging baskets


A tumbling tomato that is best grown in a hanging basket produces small sweet cherry size...


900 Seeds per packet

Perfect for cut & come again


One of our favourite combinations, our Mixed Lettuce consists of both red and green Salad Bowl...

Giant Winter

500 Seeds per packet

Will thrive in any part of the UK. Best overwintered.


A late season, exhibition-quality variety. This traditional British leek is one of the...

Garden Pearl

30 Seeds per packet

Small space & hanging baskets


A bush type variety that produces small, rosy-red cherry-sized fruit that is best grown in...

Sweet Aperitif

10 Seeds per packet

Cherry size tomato


A british tomato variaty that has to be one of the sweetest tomatos we have ever tasted. A...

Black Opal

10 Seeds per packet

Black cherry tomato


A dark black cherry tomato that has a unique tangy/sweet flavour, produces an excelent crop,...

Californian Wonder

100 Seeds per packet

Typical supermarket bell pepper


The California Wonder bell pepper is a prolific, vigorous pepper that is great tasting and...

Long Red Marconi

100 Seeds per packet

Super sweet long red pepper


A slender, elegant pepper with a sweet, mild flavor. Excellent raw, stir-fried or roasted.

Cayenne Long Slim

20 Seeds per packet

Hot 30,000 – 50,000 SHU


Beautiful, slender, red-hot peppers. Each plant grows up to 2 feet and is vigourous and...

Hungarian Wax

50 Seeds per packet

Medium 2,500 – 8,000 SHU


An early, prolific hot pepper. Produces continuous sets of beautiful, waxy fruit that start...