Seeds to sow in March string(1) "3"


25 Seeds per packet

Medium 2,500 – 10,000 SHU


An easy to grow hot pepper, Jalapeños are one of the most popular peppers grown in the US and...

Black Russian

50 Seeds per packet

Beefstake tomato


The Black Russian is an old variety of beefsteak tomato that sports a rich, complex, and...

Golden Sunrise

50 Seeds per packet

Yellow salad tomato


The Golden Sunrise tomato produces bright golden yellow fruits, adding cheer to mid-summer...

San Marzano Red Plum

50 Seeds per packet

Perfect for sauces (pizza & ketchup)


The San Marzano Red Plum is an Italian heirloom tomato famous for it’s use in traditional...

St Pierre

35 Seeds per packet

Salad tomato


A traditional French market tomato, the St. Pierre tomato is a bright-red, medium-sized tomato...

Red Kitten F1

100 Seeds per packet

Slow Bolting. Ideal for baby leaf


A lovely spinach with glossy green leaves and red veins. A slow-bolting, mid-early producer...

French Breakfast

1000 Seeds per packet

30 Days. Easy to grow. Grow all year.


An heirloom radish that is crisp, mild and easy to grow. Both the greens and the bright...

Malaga Violet

500 Seeds per packet

45 Days. Easy to grow. Grow all year.


A quick-growing, easy-to-grow radish with purple skin and crisp, white flesh. Ready to harvest...

Oregon Sugar Pod

200 Seeds per packet

Classic mangetout pea


This easy to grow, non-climbing, snow pea is a prolific producer of stringless, edible pods...

Sugar Snap

200 Seeds per packet

Edible pods. Super sweet pea


A wonderfully sweet, easy to grow pea with edible pods, Sugar Snap peas will full-sized peas...


200 Seeds per packet

Heavy cropper. Sweet peas!


A petite, super-sweet, early pea, Waverex peas are a popular UK heirloom and a heavy cropper....

Douce Provence

200 Seeds per packet

Grow all year. No supports needed


An old, well-loved variety, Douce Proven peas are a petite, bushing, winter-hardy favorite...

Tender and True

800 Seeds per packet

Our tried and tested parsnip

Growseed Recommended

A delicious heirloom variety, Tender and True parsnips are some of the best flavoured on the...


300 Seeds per packet

Grow and sow all year.


A large, reliable Scottish heirloom that has been around since 1883. Exceptionally hardy with...