Seeds to sow in May string(1) "3"


50 Seeds per packet

Try and grow the longest bean!


This runner bean produces some of the longest, most beautiful pods of any British bean plant...

Dwarf Green Kale

300 Seeds per packet

Sow & Grow all year.


A dwarf version of one of Britain’s most reliable winter vegetables, this sturdy little...

Cucamelon Seeds

40 Seeds per packet

100s of fruit per plant


Great addition to your CSA or market stand. Tiny green striped fruit with a delicious and...

Green Sprouting

600 Seeds per packet

Grow all year round.


A favourite in the UK since the early 1900s, this fast growing sprouting broccoli will...

Kalibos Red

100 Seeds per packet

Great taste. Long growing season


Great taste and amazing colour, this conical-shaped red cabbage will delight the palate as...


200 Seeds per packet 

Bolt resistance. High crop yields.


A fantastic bulbing heirloom fennel with a strong anise flavour, high yields, and bolt...


1000 Seeds per packet

Harvest early to roast. Later for salads.


Also known as “White Egg,” this turnip sports a lovely, tennis-ball-sized root that is...

Red Russian Kale

300 Seeds per packet

Fantastic winter growing. Colour improves with frost!


A beautiful purplish kale whose colors become more vibrant after a frost, this...

Chard Bright Lights

100 Seeds per packet

Provides plenty of colour in the winter.


A stunning collection of bright colors, these chard plants were bred especially for beauty and...

Lady Di

30 Seeds per packet

High Yield & Stringless


 An outstanding scarlet-flowered runner bean that produces wonderfully fleshy,...


75 Seeds per packet 

Climbing Bean. Stringless.


A heavy, reliable cropper with gorgeous violet flowers and sweet, stringless...