Sturon (Globe type) Onion Set


250g Onion Set

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Germination7 - 10 Days
Sowing MethodDirect to Ground
Days to Maturity100 - 175 Days
Greenhouse / PolytunnelOptional for Early Crop
Seed Count250g
Recommended Soil pH5.6-6.6

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250g Onion Set Semi-globe, heavy bulbs, very good storage quality.

Starting out

Plant in drills 1.5cm (½”) deep, in rows 30cm (12") apart in full sun. Once seedlings reach pencil thickness thin to a spacing of 10cm (4”) between plants.

Plant direct


Water during dry spells only. Feed occasionally, either by side-dressing or by applying a fertilizer, particularly once the bulbs begin to swell (if you’re going for storage onions).

Keep weed-free as dense weed growth can seriously affect your onion yield. Mulch for deterring weeds and regulating water, but pull back once the bulbs have grown, as the bulbs will dry better if their tops are exposed to the air (keep the roots and lower halves of the bulbs under the soil, however).

Break off any flower stems that appear. As the onions begin to mature, ease up on any feeding or watering so as to encourage them to go into dormancy.


Sutron are ready about a week or two after the leaves have begun to yellow and/or turn brown. Choose a dry day and gently lift the onions from the soil. Leave them on the surface of the soil for a day or two to cure in the sun before hanging them up to dry. Once dry, remove top foliage and store in a well-ventilated, dry location.

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