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Zebrune Shallot seeds
  • Zebrune Shallot seeds

Zebrune Shallot

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Beautiful heirloom shallots with pink-brown bulbs and a sweet, mild flavor. Great for storing!


    Allium cepa


    100 Days


    Hardy Annual

  • Plant Size

    Height Up To 45cm (17.7in) Spread Up To 10cm (3.9in)

  • Hardiness & Longevity

    Hardy Annual

  • Ideal For

    Kitchen Garden

  • Position In

    Full Sun


Zebrune Shallot Onion Seeds

[100 days from transplant] Also known as “Cuisse de Poulet du Poitou,” this wonderful French heirloom is a delicacy that’s super expensive in stores yet easy to grow in your home garden or allotment. This banana shallot (Eschalion) yields meaty, torpedo-shaped bulbs that taste great and store really well. If started early, these little beauties will often grant a heavy yield and if stored correctly, will give you shallots all the way through spring.

Magnificent fried in butter, but also tasty as a replacement for onions in salads and vegetable dishes, shallots are definitely the royalty of the allium family. Once you’ve tasted them fresh from the ground, you’ll never want to return to those over-priced store-bought shallots ever again.

Height: 45cm (18"). Spread: 10cm (4").

Common Questions

How long does it take to grow Zebrune shallots? 100-120 days your zebrune shallots will be ready to harvest.

When do you harvest Zebrune shallots? Once your shallots greens start with wither and fall over you should be harvesting. They will start to turn brown and their bulbs will start to rise out of the soil.

What is wrong with my Zebrune shallots? Onion white rot can occur in some soil, causing foliage to wilt and turn yellow. The roots will begin to rot and start to grow white fungus on the bottoms of your shallots. If you're shallots are suffering from Onion white rot then you need to destroy them immediately and ensure you treat the soil affected.

Sow and Harvest Times

Plant out:

Product Features

Germination Time
7 - 20 Days
Sowing Method
Start in Pots or Trays
Days to Maturity
100 - 120 Days
Grow in Greenhouse
Optional for Overwinter Crop
Number of Seeds Per Packet


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