Eschalote Grise

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Intense and concentrated flavour, highly sought after in French cooking. Not a common shallot to be found on sale in the UK. Often referred to as a banana shallot due to its shape.



Eschalote Grise Shallot Set

Often referred to as banana shallots due to the long nature of the mature bulb a highly sought after variety for french cooking and top chefs due to the intense flavour not to be missed. A unique shape compared to the more common red sun shallot it also has a flavour that makes it truly unique to all other shallots and definitely different to an onion!

Once you grow Eschalote Grise you will never want to go back to another shallot.

This is an old variety of shallot is often referred to as a grey shallot which is also known as Griselle, once fully mature the flesh is a pinky / purple colour and very firm to touch.

Great with fish or replace with any dish where a shallot is required is often used shallot vinegar for the powerful aromas it releases.

Eschalote Grise Details

Average Germination Time
7 - 10 Days
Sowing Method
Direct to Ground
Days to Maturity
100 - 120 Days
Grow in Greenhouse
Optional for Early Crop
Packet Seed Count
10 Bulbs
Recommended Soil pH
Suited for small space growing

Sow and Harvest Times

Plant out:

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