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Tomato Beefmaster has extra large tomatoes upto 500g (1lb) each ideal for slicing or stuffing. Good colour and excellent flavour.

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Germination7 - 14 Days
Sowing MethodIndoors Sow (trays)
Days to Maturity80 Days
Greenhouse / PolytunnelRecommended
Seed Count25
Recommended Soil pH5.5-7.0

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The quintessential burger tomato, the BeefMaster F1 bears huge, meaty, fruits that can be up to 800g+, depending on how you well you feed and look after it. These tomatoes are superb for either slicing or stuffing, and combine good colour with excellent flavor for a great all-around party/BBQ tomato.

Starting out

BeefMaster Tomatoes can be grown in either a greenhouse or outdoor plot, and do well potted and/or planted directly into the ground. Since tomatoes need a long growing season, start seeds indoors as early as January or February for greenhouse crops, or March and April for outdoor crops.

Starting Indoors: Start by sowing seeds in trays of good compost 2cm apart, in modules with 2 seeds per cell, or in peat pots. Cover with glass or plastic to make sure soil after gently watering to ensure the soil stays evenly moist. Keep soil temperature to about 18C. Germination takes about 7-14 days with heat and up to two weeks without.

Sowing Seeds Indoors
Transplant to Pots

Remove the glass/plastic cover once seedlings appear. Transplant into small pots as soon as 2-4 true leaves have formed. Thin module seedlings to one per cell. When first truss of flowers appear, transplant to permanent growing site. If planting outdoors, make sure to harden plants off gradually before transplanting.

When growing tomatoes outdoors, wait until all risk of frost has passed before transplanting. Also, make sure to harden the plants off, gradually acclimatising them to outdoor conditions over a period of 7 - 10 days, and then plant them out from early June when the plants are 20 cm (8") tall. Plants should be set 45 cm apart with 75 cm between rows.

Transplant to ground
Watering and Feeding


Although not ideal in our shorter, cooler growing seasons, it is possible to get a crop of tomatoes direct seeded. Simply sow seeds in rich soil in late June. Once seedlings arise, thin to 45 cm apart with 75 cm between rows

As fruits are very heavy we suggest you only allow 3 or 4 trusses per plant. This variety needs stakes.

Stake the plants by tying the stem loosely to a cane or other support. To prune, remove the side shoots above the leaf joint when they reach 2cm length. Take out the growing point when the plants reach the greenhouse eaves or the top of the cane outdoors.

Water regularly and often. Uneven watering can causes fruit to split and/or blossom end rot - black blotches on the end that cause the fruit to rot.

Fruit can be heavy so limit the amount of trusses per plant I stick with 2 and provide additional cane support. If you want a really big tomato, feed well with a high-quality organic tomato feed.

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