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Everything you need to grow your own tomato, sweet pepper or chili plants in one box. Each pack comes with a plastic propagator and lid, soil, packet of seeds and a plant marker.

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Grow your own vegetable kit

Everything you need in one tray, including the soil!

Our grow your own kit is unique to the market because it comes with real soil packed with a Growseed recipe guaranteed for success. A packet of high-quality seeds; plant marker and a high-quality affordable propagator, that if you look after can be used year after year!

With a choice of Tomatoes, Peppers or Chili peppers you can get growing your own vegetables.


A packet of seed containing 50 seeds of your choice.
1 Plant Marker. 
1 Half tray and lid.
Two packets of soil mixed by Growseed.

We provide a half plastic tray and matching lid that will fit on most window sills, making it the ideal area to start your seeds when access to a greenhouse or polytunnel is not possible. The plastic lid will help retain temperatures ensuring good germination. Our trays can be placed on a heated mat.  If you do not have a heated mat then this kit is best used from March - April.

The Soil

Two packets of soil are provided mixed from high-quality, filtered multi-purpose compost. Our soil is mixed with a unique blend of blood, fish and bone, vermiculite and our own seed cutting compost. The result is a healthy light soil that promotes strong plant growth, retaining moisture and soil nutrients.  The blood, fish and bone will feed the plant and support it during growth and transportation to its final planting location. 

Our real soils comes supplied in two snap packets that can be reused to store plant markers or any seed packets - don't throw it, re-use it! 

How to use the Kit

Empty 90% of the soil into the tray. Take your seeds and sprinkle along the top of the soil. If you are using a multi-packet kit it's best to try and sow the seeds in lines keeping a space between them so you can tell which is which. Once the seeds are added to the soil take the last of the soil and cover the seeds.

Please note if you are growing chili peppers, it is best not to handle the seed directly - if you do we advise you to wash your hands.

Write on the marker your chosen variety and place in the soil.

Water the soil but do not flood it. Keep it moist.

Place the lid on the try and move to a sunny window sill. Water the soil every other day, do not over water and do not let the soil dry out.

Once the seedlings have grown a few CM in high transplant them to a pot and continue to grow. Further growing instructions can be found at the bottom of this page.

Sow and Harvest Times

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