Vegetable Seeds Gift Set
  • Vegetable Seeds Gift Set
  • Vegetable Seeds Gift Set Internal - Pencil, 5 x Seeds & 5 x Plant Markers
  • New Grower Vegetable Gift Set
  • Salad Seed Gift Set
  • Tomato Seed Gift Set
  • Fast Crop Gift Set
  • Greenhouse Seed Gift Set

Vegetable Seeds Gift Set

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Our vegetable seed gift set is perfect for Birthdays, Fathers/Mothers Day, Christmas and more! Pre packaged gift sets for you to choose from. All sets come with 5 packets of high quality vegetable seed, 5 plant markers and a pencil.

Plant Marker
Gift Set


Are you looking for the vegetable seed gift set that provides seed with high germination rates, great product yields and amazing tasting veg? Then we have the  kit for you!

Our no-nonsense vegetable gift sets are suitable for all occasions, choose from a pre-packed selection of seeds from the list above our sets include:

• Herb

• Tomato

• Chilli Lovers

• Sweet Peppers

• Greenhouse

• Root Vegetable Kit

• Fast Crops

• First Time Grower (now New Grower)

• Salad Mixes

All of our gift sets come with 5 packets of vegetable seed, 5 plant markers and a small pencil. Full planting guides can be found online. It’s designed to be as simple as possible without the large packaging. What’s more the packing band and box can be added to the compost pile!

Vegetable Gift Set Contents

Herb Gift Set

A selection of herb seeds perfect for those wanting fresh herbs at home or at the allotment. The seeds will be chosen and packed at random but will contain some of the following: Thyme, Basil, Rosemary, Chives, Sage, Welsh Onion.

Tomato Gift Set

Perfect for all tomato lovers this gift set will contain some of the following: beefstake, golden yellow, black tomato, cherry tomato, Italian tomato and tumbling tomato.

Chilli Lovers Gift Set

A range of chilli peppers from mild to very hot.

Sweet Pepper Gift Set

Just like the chilli lovers set above this selection will contain a mix of bell and long sweet peppers.

Greenhouse Gift Set

Everything you need to get the greenhouse under way and producing a crop ready for the growing season this greenhouse gift set will contain a mixture of aubergine, cucumber, sweet peppers, chilli peppers and tomato seeds.

Root Vegetable Kit

The staple to any allotment or vegetable garden a mix of good quality root vegetable seeds the choice here will be completely random and picked by us.

Fast Crops

Always in a hurry and want things now? A mix of vegetable seeds to see returns in under 45 days! The Fast crop gift set is perfect for those growers who want to enjoy the crops now!!

New Growers

Just taken on an allotment or fancy growing something for the first time? This vegetable gift set is what you need. The seeds chosen are designed for all level of gardener’s easy to sow with a mix of quick growing crops to keep you interested and one or two varieties that are forgiving neglect!

Salad Mix

Perfect for all. This salad gift set will contain spring onions, baby greens, red and green lettuces and salad tomato. Everything you need to enjoy a fresh summers day salad!

Please note contents may change depending on availability and stock at the time of ordering.


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