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Black Friday Garden Deals

Limited-time deals and discounts on a range of gardening tools, equipment, and more importantly fruit and vegetable seeds! Discounted added every year.

Products outlined below will all be on offer from Black Friday to Cyber Monday a full weekend of gardening deals and discounts.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Gardening Deals

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Large Microgreen Kit

Sow, grow, and harvest in under 40 days!

Price £29.99
In stock

Large microgreen seed tray, 3 coir mats and 9 packets of microgreen seed. Oh the tray is made from bamboo & rice! 

Allotment Seed Kit

Everything you need to start growing your own

Price £28.95
In stock

30 packets of seeds designed to grow at home or the allotment. Our complete Dig for Victory kit contains everything from carrots to salads! 

30 - 60 Day Crop Kit

Quick sowing and harvest crops

Price £9.45
In stock

Enjoy fresh salads and greens in as little as 28 days. Our complete baby leaf, spinach and radish kit can provide quick fresh greens in a time of need.

Vegetable Seeds Gift Set

Choice of gift sets.

Price £7.99
In stock

Our vegetable seed gift set is perfect for Birthdays, Fathers/Mothers Day, Christmas and more! Pre packaged gift sets for you to choose from. All sets come with 5 packets of high quality vegetable seed, 5 plant markers and a pencil.

Medium Heated Propagator

Will reach 16°C-19°C

Power usage 9 Watts

Price £34.99
In stock

Medium sized propagator capable of 16-19 degrees centigrade (depending on outside temprature) Propagator is 380 x 240 x 200 mm. Made in the UK.

5 x Propagator Set

Tray, Lid & Cell Trays
Sold as a set of 5 units

Price £13.90
In stock

Complete full size propagator set. Includes gravel tray. Plant Cells (your choice) & Plastic Lid.

5 x Half Tray Propagator

5 x Propagator Set

Half Tray & Lid Propagator (plastic)

Price £8.95
In stock

Good quality half tray propagator ideal for preventing moisture loss and retaining heat to give seedlings the best possible start.

Growseed Gardening Club

Price £10.00
In stock

Sign up today and become an exclusive member of the Growseed club.

Greenhouse Kit

Crops best growing in a greenhouse or polytunnel

Price £4.95
In stock

If you’re one of those lucky gardeners who has a greenhouse, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to fill it with these wonderous heat-loving summer veggies.