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Nero Di Toscana

200 Seeds per packet

Italian black kale. Enjoy cooked or raw!


Often referred to as Black Russian kale, Nero Di Toscana is an Italian curly kale with dark...


500 Seeds per packet

Perfect for cut & come again


An excellent variety of lettuce suitable for both maincrop production and baby leaf.


250 Seeds per packet

High yields. Easy to grow.


Spinach Medania produces a high yield of dark green leaves. It is very easy to grow and very...

Lollo Bionda

500 Seeds per packet

Perfect for cut & come again


An Italian lettuce perfect for constant picking or cut as one. Produces pale green frilly...

Ailsa Craig

300 Seeds per packet

Spring Sowing


Very easy to grow, popular for shows and compitions. Although it's one of the easier onions to...

All Year Round

200 seeds per packet

Can be grown all year


As the name suggests all year round, this cauliflower can be sown and grown all year round. A...

White Gem

800 Seeds per packet

Shorter roots than Tender & True


Considerable resistance to canker. Shorter roots compared to Tender & True

Big Max

10 Seeds per packet

Can reach a massive 45kg!


A very large pumpkin, will reach a weight of 45kg with a very sweet tasting flesh.

Gardener's Delight

50 Seeds per packet

Super Easy to grow


One of the easiest varieties of tomatoes available, Gardener’s Delight is a cherry tomato...