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Growseed seed competition. See full description for rules and closing date. Enter COMP2018 on the checkout to get yours for free!

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Grow Seed seed competition. Purchase a packet of seeds to enter FREE ENTRY UNTIL 28TH FEB 2018. Enter COMP2018 on the checkout to get yours for free!

Simply grow the Heaviest Onion - Globo, Longest Carrot - St Valery, Longest runner bean - Enorma, Heaviest Marrow - Marrow Long Green Bush, Heaviest Pumpkin - Mammoth


Anyone can join in and have a chance at winning some super prizes! Entry is free until 28th Feb 2018, after that seeds will need to be purchased.  Only 1 competition pack per customer.  To take part you MUST also be registered on the newsletter so you can get competition updates.

How you decided to germinate, grow and feed your vegetables is up to you!

We have decided on a selection of five different vegetables that may be grown, but ONLY your best nominated three will count towards the competition results.

You must nominate your three chosen classes BEFORE 28th August 2018 and we must be notified of your chosen classes via email. All seed will be from the same batch numbers so everyone has the same seed and exactly the same chance as anyone else.

You have five options to choose from, choose your best three (3) categories to enter and count towards the overall points. You don’t need to grow and submit all five before choosing three - BUT you will need a minimum of three entries i.e Globo, Enorma and Long Green Bush. Submitting 3 Marrows will results in 1 entry.

The veg options are:

Heaviest Onion - Globo

Longest Carrot - St Valery

Longest runner bean - Enorma

Heaviest Marrow - Marrow Long Green Bush

Heaviest Pumpkin - Mammoth

Points will be awarded in each class as follows:

3 points for 1st place

2 points for 2nd place

1 point for 3rd place

Based on total points of your chosen three classes there will be an overall winner, then 2nd and 3rd place with a seed prize for each.. Photos (where possible) are to be shared on social media or emailed every 2 months in first week of the months.... April, (if sown), June, August and finally in Sept at close of the competition.

Only one entry in each category per person.

Competition starts immediately and closes 10th. September 2018.

Winners will be notified via email on the 28th of September 2018, photos of submitted entries will be shared on social media and via the newsletter.

Weighing / measuring

Onion to be shown on a digital scale.

Pumpkin and Marrow shown on a normal scale (or weighbridge for a monster!!!).

Carrot measured total length.

Runner bean measured from top to bottom of pod.

Photos showing all weights and measurements required with all entries.

Prizes as follows:

First prize - £50 (£25 Amazon voucher & £25 Seed voucher) & Fiskars secateurs

Second prize - £25 (£10 Amazon voucher & £15 Seed voucher)

Third prize - £10 seed voucher

In case of a tie in the final points tally, we will count back to the person with the most firsts in the three classes, then seconds, then thirds if required. If there is still a tie then names will be drawn at random from a hat.

We have designed this to be a bit of FUN and to be enjoyed by all. But it is a competition so it may take a bit of extra work to make the winning difference...

Good luck to everyone

14 - 21 Days
Sowing Method
Your Choice
Greenhouse / Polytunnel
Your Choice
Seed Count
5 to 300 Seeds

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