Curly Cress

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A versatile herb that can be grown on your windowsill all year round. Great starter seed for kids to learn the fundamentals of how to grow vegetables. Ready in under 14 days.



Curly Cress Herb Seeds

Curly Cress is super easy to grow and can be grown indoors all year round. The perfect starter seeds to get your kids and grandchildren in to the art of gardening.

You don't need a huge garden or allotment to grow your own cress and can be ready in just over a week! All you have to do is sow your seeds onto a moist tissue, cover with a glass and watch your seeds sprout in a matter of days.

Common Questions

How do you grow garden cress from seed? Growing cress is simple, scatter your Cress seeds on a moist tissue and place on a sunny windowsill. Alternatively, sow your curly cress seeds 2/4 inch deep, sowing in in wide rows 18 inches apart. For succession planting you can sow new seeds every 10 to 14 days.

Does Cress need sunlight to grow? Cress grows at it's best in a cool shaded area, growing in warmer, direct sunlight can cause the herb to become bitter and inedible.

Should you store Cress in the fridge? When you harvest large amounts of cress you can keep it fresh by storing it in the fridge ready for use.

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