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Rosemary Herb Seeds
  • Rosemary Herb Seeds


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A fragrant herb and essential component of countless dishes, no herb garden or allotment would be complete without rosemary.



Rosemary Herb Seeds

Rosemary is a perennial shrub that can grow up to 3 meters tall. Its leaves are used to season a variety of dishes ranging from meat and fish to vegetable dishes and soups. Both fragrant and beautiful, rosemary is also used as a decorative both on patios and in landscaping, and its fragrance works well in potpourris.

Common Questions

How long does Rosemary herb seeds take to germinate? Your Rosemary herbs should germinate in about 14 to 25 days. The herb prefers slightly acidic soil that is well-draining and should receive at least 5 hours of direct sunlight every day.

How long do Rosemary plants produce for? Rosemary herbs are not a hard plant to grow, the plant need a full sun position to produce at its best. Once it has taken root and become established Rosemary will continue to produce herbs for you for three years.

What is eating my Rosemary plant and leaves? Rosemary beetles love eating your foliage and flowers. If you have are having persistent problems with pests eating and damaging your herb plant then you can use insecticides to kill them.

Sow and Harvest Times

Plant out:

Product Features

Germination Time
7 - 14 Days
Sowing Method
Start in Pots or Trays
Days to Maturity
100 - 120 Days
Grow in Greenhouse
Optional, for Early Crop
Number of Seeds Per Packet
Recommended Soil pH
5.0 - 6.0
Suitble for Samll Space Gardening
Can be grown in a Kitchen Window


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