Allium Drumstick

Allium Drumstick


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Drumstick Allium offers beautiful, purple egg-shaped flowers throughout the spring and summer. Adding a lovely colour pop to any existing garden.



Allium Drumstick Bulbs

Drumstick Alliums grow to be tall with thin stems and offer a tight knot of purple flowers. Drumstick Alliums are ornamental onions that are also known as round-headed leeks and are widely appreciated for the egg shaped blooms.

Common Questions

Should I deadhead my Drumstick Allium? Drumstick Allium naturally pass their seeds around your garden for new flowers to thrive in the surrounding areas. You will find when growing Drumstick Allium that you will be often rewarded with new blossoming flowers. You can deadhead your flower heads in the aumumn to prevent their seeds being spread or to harvest for use later.

How do you grow Drumstick Allium? Drumstick Allium require direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day to grow the quickest. Sow your bulbs into a warm spot in your garden and don't over water the soil. Your soil should be drying about before you consider watering again. Drumstick Allium will begin to flower in July.

Will pests eat my Drumstick Allium? Not many insects will be interested in feeding on your Drumstick flowers nor will diseases really affect them. Alliums can sometimes be affected by fungi that can spread and hurt your yearly production and if you find issues with growth stunt or white spots then you need to erradicate the problem right away.


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